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Making work smarter and easier

At EZ-ID Tools, quality is our mission. Whether you use your tools for work or hobby, make your tools easier to work with.


Our initial product line, available on Kickstarter !

EZ-ID socket Identification marker sleeves solve this problem and more…..

  • High contrast, large, bold print makes socket sizes easy to read. Printed not once, but multiple times around circumference of the socket, so no more rotating the socket to find the size.

  • Easily identify metric (blue) vs. SAE/fractions (red).Bright colors also make socket markers (and your sockets) easy to find when dropped.

  • Heat/cold resistant, helps protect fingers from burns or cold.

  • Markings on the drive end easily identifies which end is the drive (ratchet) end and the drive size without having to look at the end itself.This band also provides a reference as to which way is up when reading the size measurements.

  • Light sensitive/reflective, making the socket markers, and therefore your sockets, easier to find when dropped into dark spaces such as your engine compartment or under workbenches and toolboxes.

  • Patent pending anti-roll design.

  • Patent pending design provides finger grips for a better finger hold on your sockets.

  • Don’t buy expensive new sockets; use with your existing sockets!

sockets without EZ-ID socket markers
standard socket markings and etched markings
EZ-ID socket markers make it easy to ID one socket from another
EZ-ID socket markers vs. competition
EZ-ID sockets minimize your sockets rolling away from you
protect your fingers from heat
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